Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not by selection but by vote

The internal confusion and infighting in the BJP seems to be undermining its chances of presenting itself as a credible alternative to the present dysfunctional government at the center.

All the training, sermonising and image making that Gadkari and co. are undertaking is likely to have little effect in ending the confusion and infighting. All the sermonisation cannot contain the personal ambitions that many in the party may carry in their head. All the training cannot turn duds into top performers. At the heart of the problem lies the method by which candidates are chosen for the different positions in the party, legislature and the government. It's the method of choosing candidates by selection that is the real cause of the problem. It can never really shed itself of the allegation of bias.

Perhaps the best way to deal with it is to change the method to one of vote by which candidates are chosen for the various posts and positions.

What this can guarantee is that a small set of people cannot high-jack the agenda and machinery of the party, which is turn will increase the chances of a meritocratic culture taking root.

Yes there is a chance that some competent but not so popular members of the party may lose out. But such people can always be accommodated in other ways, albeit always maintaining the primacy of the vote as a method for choosing potential candidates.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Despite this, we have to make a choice

The essense of the BJP is about realising our full potential as a nation. It is about leveraging the strengths of our culture to distiguish ourselves but this thinking has also breeds intolerance.

The Congress represents inclusivity and openness but it breeds corruption.

The Left for all its stupid economic theories is compassionate and rightly opposed to crony capitalism.

The regional parties represents the local culture and needs but also breed separation as a result of their indulgence in identity politics.

But we still must take a stand.

It is our responsbility to do so.

We cannot afford the luxury (or the laziness) of not making a choice.