Saturday, June 6, 2009

Support Entrepreneurial India

SEZs, FDI, auctioning of Telecom licenses, awarding contracts on bids for PPP project, are all forms of crony Capitalism, that usually benefit the most moneyed. Worse still they benefit the favored capitalists. That's the kind of crony capitalism passed on in the name of reforms and development by the Congress in its last term in office.

And while it is important that these initiatives be taken-up in earnestness and with urgency for the sake of general good, it must be ensured that the process ends up providing opportunities to the most number of entrepreneurs and that the most number of people benefit from it.

An estimated 95% of India's labor force works in the unorganised sector (are self employed). There are an estimated 45 million businesses in India. Essentially this is where India gets its resilience and growth from, when and where big capital and big businesses fail to deliver.

This must be the BJPs agenda. As a right wing party, it must ensure that government spending ends up benefiting the widest possible number of entrepreneurs and not the favored few.

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