Monday, August 15, 2011

Against a collation of the corrupt

There is a collation of the corrupt that runs across the party lines. Not only is the ruling dispensation sure of a majority support from its ranks and files, it is sure of finding people willing to sell their support from amongst the fringes of the opposition ranks. As it happened during the vote on the nuclear debate.

That is why, they are asserting the supremacy of the parliament in law making. They know, that the bill (Jan Lok Pal Bill) can be endlessly delayed in the parliament.

While the institution of the parliament must be respected for the sake of democracy, continual and growing public pressure is necessary to avert any move to scuttle the debate on the bill or delay its passage through the parliament. We're already late by decades.

That is why, Anna & co are right in protesting despite the introduction of the bill in the parliament.

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