Monday, August 1, 2011

Put quality before capital

40% of the water is lost to leakages during transmission. And we want to build dams, 50% misdiagnosis and we want to build hospitals. 86% of the money doesn't reach the beneficiaries and we want to allocate more capital to social spending. 40% of electric power is lost in transmission and we want to build new power plants. 80% of engineering students are unemployable and we want to build more universities.
All this building, capital allocation, investments etc. favors a certain class of people. All such policies promote crony capitalism. All such actions smack of a lazy approach. All such policies create waste. All such policies undermine our people's capacities.
Quality not quantity, innovation not capital, should be focus of public policy. That's how we can build an efficient society. That's how we can be a leading society. That's how we can preserve our traditions. That's how we can preserve our environment. That's how we can provide a higher quality of life for most.

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  1. Yes, I like this, we have to avoid waste first and then think for addtion.