Monday, July 7, 2014

How the FM could start his speech...

...I believe in the enterprise of our people. More than anything that we can do in the government, it is the collective enterprise of our people that can get us out of our current despondency and economic morass, and onto a path of strong economic progress.
We in the government have chosen to act as enablers of this enterprise. We would like to

1) Clean-up the rules and taxation system that are stifling growth and opportunities for our people
2) Invest in building infrastructure that act as enablers and accelerators for their enterprise
3) Ensure good & responsive governance by investing in improving the quality, capacity & transparency through E-governance, training and expanding of capacity of the Police, Emergency Response Systems, Judiciary & Bureaucracy.
4) Strengthen and expand our education system to provide the best of education opportunities to every aspiring student and to provide the supply of adequate & quality skilled workforce for our enterprises.
5) Most importantly, we would like to invest in improving the quality of life for our people through preserving our environment, heritage and cultural diversity. Because only then can they persevere with their enterprise.

I therefore propose...

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