Saturday, August 15, 2015

The 3 big things from PM Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech - Merit, Stand-up, Team

This is not the exact order in which he spoke but it makes for a better order to talk about it.

On the face of it the Prime Minister sounded a little defensive. Maybe because things aren't moving as fast as he would have liked them to. But he is firmly on the right track.

Merit India

"Why does somebody have to seek 'Sifarish' when a job is sought. It is not proper."

The Prime Minister spoke of getting jobs without Sifarish (favour). This is true for not just government jobs but also for government purchases and sale. He talked about the coal block auctions that were free of any favour. If his government can move India towards a more meritocratic society, he'd have made a big contribution. The side stepping of merit in government actions is perhaps the biggest reason why India and it's people have been denied their due. In the name of pro poor policies, saving costs and social justice the most shameless forms of corruptions have gained grounds. Compromising the outcome of much of what the government invests in.

"CBI has registered 1,800 corruption cases after we formed government."

Stand-up India

"'Start-up India' and 'Stand up India'"

What the Prime Minister meant was for people to stand-up for themselves and not wait for a mai-baap government to provide for them. Years of socialist thinking has made this country a land of beggars. People begging for doles, jobs, favours, concessions, anything. It is time we stood up and realised our own potential and regained our dignity. We've wallowed in self doubt for far too long.

Already India has the one of the highest number of enterprises and self employment is the biggest employer in India. The small entrepreneurs and self employed will be the most likely beneficiaries of programs such as Jan Dhan, Atal Pension Yojana, Rural Electrification, Skill Development etc. And that would considerably add to our generative capacity.

"Govt will provide electricity to 18,500 power-less villages in the country in the next 1,000 days"

"All our programs and institutions should be helpful to the poor; have to empower them through financial inclusion."

"Each of 1.25 lakh bank branches should encourage at least one Dalit or adivasi entrepreneur and at least one woman entrepreneur." 

"Bank accounts are essential for integrating poor into the financial system, 17 crore people opened accounts under Jan Dhan Yojna." 

"We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be Number 1 in start-ups."

Team India

When the people see the leaders and governments that they have chosen turn self serving, it is natural for them to pursue a similar path in their own lives. Take whatever you can, and run home as fast as you can. When everyone is grabbing whatever they can, you feel like a fool worrying about anything outside of your own self interest and that of your family.

There might be a long history to it, of centuries of plunder wrecked on us as a country which may have made people this way. But it cannot be the character that defines our future. Because it will only prolong our agony.

The Prime Minister has been repeatedly goading the people to make a collective contribution and is making sincere efforts to make it happen.

In his speech, he talked about the various initiatives like, Giving Up LPG subsidy, SwachhBharat etc. and the enthusiastic response it has got from the people. It is heartening to see this. More of it is required.

"20 lakh Indians have given up LPG subsidy"

"Children have contributed immensely to #MyCleanIndia"

After all, we are the beneficiaries of un-measurable grace of others. Interdependence is built into all of human society and indeed into all of life. The more we do out of this realisation, the faster we'll move on the paths of progress.

May the people of my beloved mother land always be free of self-doubt, free of illusion, free of deceit.

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